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I have been using Gary Ryan Blairs 100 Day Challenge Program for seven years as the productivity motivator to support my journal framework and deliver on my goals. I do 3 challenges a year using the Journal to track my journey and learn through reflection. With short gaps inbetween to reflect, plan and then begin again. Many friends, colleagues and family have loved and shared the concept. It seemed the right resource to include with the new Hikmaty chapter.

This is not a diary nor a traditional blank Journal – it sits inbetween – it is a means to focus on and track your habits and goals over a 15 week or 100 day period. A sprint to build momentum and get stuff done. It is a standalone tool or it supports Gary Ryan Blairs 100 Day Challenge. It is designed to be flexible so that you have the structure but you can also make it your own. It is a good way to begin a daily journalling habit because of its simplicity.

The Journal is designed to be easy to use. It can be used effectively with a 15 minute daily writing commitment, 30 minutes for the weekly review and an hour plus for the 3 reviews that occur after each 5 week period. You will get value from it based upon the quality of your content, and how much effort you put into it. How you use it, is really up to you.

100 Day Sprints and Journals

Order your Journals from LULU.COM

Each of the buttons below represent a different version of the journal available to buy from LULU- just click on the button to be taken directly to the LULU order page. Delivery is charged by LULU based on your location from their printing facilities. The Journals currently take between 7 and 12 days to print. The current 2020 FINISH STRONG white, black and greyscale Journals are undated.

There will be a Special Edition 70 Day Journal to accompany our Fundamentals Program available in early October for an October 23rd start. Our FRESH START Journal dated and undated for the first 100 days of 2021 will be published from late October 2020. We only do dated versions for the beginning and end of the year – you choose the dates for your middle challenge. Order directly from LULU by clicking on the button below. Journals are available from 24th September.


  • Yes I Can White is the more funky very colourful version (yep probably more girly) whereas Yes I Can Black is simpler and colourful but more subdued – same content just different looks.
  • They are both in colour and the Black version is designed to be more neutral and easier to use in a business environment.
  • There are dated and undated versions. The Fresh Start dated January to May 2021 18 week version is now available. The current undated versions can be for any consecutive 18 week period – they show days not dates.
  • We publish 3 Journals for the year Fresh Starts, Momentous Middles and Finish Strong. Each covers 18 weeks to allow you to choose when you start and finish your 100 days within each phase.
  • The Journal size is 9 inches (232mm) high by 6 inches (155mm) wide and over an inch (22mm) deep (464 pages).
  • They are printed on quality 80gsm coated paper so you can use an ink rollerball in it.
  • Plain pages are dot grid to make it easier to write on.
  • The Journals are coil ring bound so that they lie flat – to make it simpler to write freely.
  • They are available to buy globally on LULU via  the link above. Lulu will convert into several currencies – take a look on the site for your location.

The Journal begins with a 100 day countdown, then a planning section with goal and habit setting templates and note pages. It then has the 133 days – 2 pages per day with your 4 most important tasks and 8 daily habits to track. There is space for daily notes (plus gratitude, successes, water intake, steps, meditation and exercise tracking), 18 weekly reviews, 2 mid term and 1 final review. It has inspiring quotes and note pages throughout plus a Calendar for 2021 at the back.


The 100 day Challenge is a series of 100 daily practical motivational videos, with new ideas and strategies to learn, plus constant calls to action. The aim is to get you to aim higher, raise your game and take action consistently throughout the 100 days. The results are gamechanging results faster but only if you put in the work.  You can astound yourself on what you can achieve to finish this year in a different and better space – your new normal.. The program also contains audio files, goal setting forms, action plans, daily accountability reminders accessed via a website an App. Plus you will be joining a global community of over 600,000 people who have done the program. It is even used by major Corporates to motivate employees and sales teams.

This is an affiliate program sold by people all over the world. I have gifted it to my friends and colleagues but I have not promoted it before. The reason it is here – is that, I did the program 7 years ago and I have been an alumni ever since. I use it 3 times a year to keep me motivated and on track to deliver my goals. I recommend it because I use it, it works brilliantly with the Journal and I have seen it work for others. If you are going to design a new life, set goals and seek to learn new things – it helps to have a system to support you to do that. It is simple but that is its strength. It is launched four times a year. Go take a look.

Time to start fast and sprint to the finish line

Someday has Arrived Video - 100 Day Challenge