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Hi I am Jilli. I am based in Stratford upon Avon in the UK. I am the founder and Chief Inspiration Officer at Hikmaty. I have regularly reinvented my career successfully and I am a Student for Life. I blog here a few times a week and on Medium. Hikmaty is my calling as our world continues to transform and we wake up to another new normal - we want to help you be the architect of your lives, find meaningful work, future proof your career and increase your value. Hikmaty simply gives you a map and a set of skills to navigate owning your WorkLife, achieving your goals and unlocking your potential - in a world where life and career savvy replaces the need for security. We offer Programs, Courses, 100 Day Journals, Coaching and a Learning Tribe. Hikmaty is an online global small business. We are here to help and serve you.

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