HIKMATY – a beautiful new something!

HIKMATY – a beautiful new something!

For YOU with our help!

What a glorious way to describe something new – with the excitement and the energy of such a creative process – ‘brimming with aspirations and conviction’. Designing a business around a calling is a creative journey based upon bringing ideas to life. This business is devoted to ‘your wisdom‘ (Hikmaty in Arabic) and discovering your potential. Our calling relates to a 21st century business landscape with limited engaging and practical support to help people navigate this fast paced, everchanging work terrain. We want to make a difference.

We aim to help you move from feeling like a reactive participant in your journey to proactive owners of a meaningful life and career. So that you can:

  • navigate a constantly changing world, manage whatever comes your way, make the most of it and create new opportunities.
  • design a life you want to live on your terms and be the architect and builder of it.
  • change your outlook, habits and skills to be the person you need to be to live to your full potential and thrive rather than just get by and survive.
  • simply manage and build your brand and career options as an ongoing activity rather than an adhoc task.
  • reskill and upskill with the right 21C in demand future skills to deliver, add value and get you noticed.

Most people didn’t learn this stuff in school. Many organisations and recruiters do offer tools to help you manage your career, but most do not have the resources or desire to look beyond your and their immediate needs.

Our quest

How do we engage people to step up, discover their potential, manage their work/life options and then help them equip themselves with the mindset and skills to stay valuable, in a constantly changing new normal?

Our weekly blogs, newsletters, courses, programs, webinars, learning community and tools will all be focused on helping you make this proactive transition and gain the benefits of work/ life ownership.

We know it has to be engaging, stimulating, practical and useful with simple guidance and signposting – and no beige learning in sight! Hikmaty is in BETA mode – learning to be of service to you and become ‘the beautiful new something’ it is supposed to be!


You are also a BETA work in progress and this evolving environment demands that you become a student for life. Few take the time to plan out their lives and even less focus on planning their careers.  Keeping one or two steps ahead has always been just enough to give most people the degree of security they need. Once you get busy or comfortable it is harder to take the time and find the space to think this through regularly in a structured way. You recognise it is important but life just seems too full on, so it gets relegated to a ‘nice to do’ rather than a ‘must do’. It is more likely to be an adhoc task based upon new year resolutions, or a disruption in your work or home life that causes you to take stock.

Even if you have established plans and set goals regularly, recent world events may have left you questioning why bother? Alternatively the insecurity brought about with these events may have meant you think it is now more important to plan, upskill and be creative in how you look at your future options. We call this OWNERSHIP and together with DISCOVERY, DELIVERY and PLAYER they make up the four quadrants of the Hikmaty 21st Century Transferable Skills Grid. Together with a Life and Career Blueprint and a Talent Framework we have sought to create the toolkit to help you.

The fact we have little clarity on what the new normal looks like is irrelevant. There will constantly be a different ‘new normal’ as we progress through this century. Some jobs will cease to exist, and new ones will be created. Some people will thrive, some will just survive, and some will see no future work role for themselves. People will need to adapt, constantly refresh their skills and reinvent themselves every 3 to 7 years to make a living. Employers can help with this but in a world of uncertain futures, recessions, furloughing, the gig economy and layoffs, it should seem obvious on why you need to take the lead, be an owner and create your own ‘beautiful new something!’ – to create a life worth living on your own terms.

HIKMATY – a beautiful new something!

The Harvard Portrait Project

I started with an extract from Apeksha Kothari’s wonderfully inspiring quote from her Harvard Portrait Project Submission in 2018. A 200 word response to the question ‘Tell me what it is you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?’. I often just go and peruse those beautiful classic black and white portraits and stories that captured the hopes and dreams of the participants who had answered that simple question. I was and still am so in love with the whole project. It ran from 2002 to 2018 and it was integrated into HBS’s required curriculum for all students as bookends to their MBA education. It kicked off the curriculum in the first semester and was a key part of “Bridges” during the last weeks of classes before they graduated. As a result, each year Harvard’s future business leaders used the project to reflect on the purpose and direction of their lives. It offers some great lessons.

See all the portraits since 2002 at Harvard Portrait Project

Apeksha talks so eloquently of her dreams, aspirations, mastering her mind, conviction and raising her hand.  

Most of us have been through some sort of lockdown in 2020 with the opportunity to reflect on our lives and careers. Looking at the journey so far, the successes, the magic moments, the challenges, the disappointments and the lessons. Based upon your 2020 thoughts and the changes going on in the world – How would you answer this simple yet profound question above? What changes would you like to make going forward? What help do you need to step up and take ownership of your future to thrive? What plans do you have in the next 6 months to take ownership back and design your own life?

If you want to work on it with a group of likeminded individuals why not take the first step and join our BETA Design your Life Course commencing in December – sign up for Launch details.

We aim to help you be the architect of your life, find meaningful work, future proof your career and increase your value. Hikmaty simply gives you a map and set of skills, to navigate owning your career, achieving your goals and unlocking your potential – in a world where life and career savvy replaces the need for security. We look forward to serving you over the next decade!


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