What are you waiting for now?

What are you waiting for now?

5 mistakes not to make managing your career at work …

ONE Waiting for the fairy story

Where you get picked/ found or saved – pick yourself, stand out to get noticed and nobody is coming to save you – save yourself!

TWO Waiting for gaps in your schedule to build your skills.

This is where you constantly  prioritise urgent and busy work above developmental project work opportunities and structured skill building. They are not on the list for when you have time – they are your priorities – you have to grab back the time from your busyness list and from taking on other people’s priorities. What will your future self thank you for doing this year?

THREE Constantly looking or waiting for the upward or outward move rather than sideways.

Sideways may give you more options, more experiences, more depth and more breadth. Look for great projects to work on, great bosses to work for and teams focused on the future of the business where you are and make that move to get yourself noticed.

FOUR Waiting for the right time, waiting for your two year work anniversary, waiting for your boss to bring it up or for your next performance review – stop waiting!

Why not now? Are you the passenger or the driver of your Work^Life Bus – choose yourself, act and speak up!

FIVE Waiting to update your LinkedIn profile or building your brand for when you have the time, are looking for a new job or in between jobs. This is your living breathing ‘Hello World – This is Me!’ system that supports your future success – build it, update it regularly, take pride in it, build your story, have a point of view and find ways to help others. Invest your time wisely and people will notice you before you need to even start! looking.

Be bold and stop waiting. Grab some opportunities, volunteer, start something new or just say HELLO WORLD more often!