Hikmaty means ‘My Wisdom’ in Arabic – it is representative of an individual’s personal talents and knowhow; and how that translates into their wisdom. Hikmaty is more a calling than a business – that has been evolving for the past decade – seeking the answer to the following question:

How do we equip everyone with the future skills required to adapt and make the most of the digital revolution we are living through – so that they thrive not just survive?

This is a destiny project that has never been needed more than now. Our aim is to build a Tribe of global learners with the tools and skillset to thrive. With Hikmaty the focus is on 21st Century transferable skills for career owners – this is our starting point. It aims to be that practical bridge for everyone wanting to be an OWNER and take on responsibility for their lives and careers. We have a toolkit to share and technology is the enabler that takes it online to everyone – with programs and a membership environment – for learning with likeminded OWNERs.


We are at a point where the world is shifting dramatically in a new direction and future skills are needed now. My Career as an Business Consultant, Change Agent and Career Coach in the UK and Internationally, provided constant reminders of how little preparation was going across the globe to meet the needs of the new student for life. Old models of learning based on outdated education systems and industrial age working practices were supposed to provide the skills foundations for a modern digital age – the gap was and still is huge. If you want to help fix this – start by taking full ownership of your own future needs. Then you are better equipped to help others with theirs.

The digital age has also disrupted how people consume content and learn – providing far greater opportunities and options. However this is matched by some significant challenges including higher expectations,  information overload and overwhelm, too little time and too many other distractions. ​The world is drowning in information – so people need guidance, support, tools and signposts to navigate resources they can trust – so they can find their own way, at their own pace, using their own wisdom.


Hikmaty is the coach and catalyst that provides frameworks and tools to enable you to be the architect, builder and owner of your life and work choices – on your own terms. We are not going to reinvent the wheel or claim wisdom when it is clearly better sourced by experts elsewhere. The aim is to be a source of a diverse range of trusted information:

  • The coach for the mindset and maps – frameworks, models and tools to improve your career and personal life thinking, planning and delivery.
  • The educator, communicator and synthesiser who briefs you on key topics and skills.
  • The the curator that signposts you to the best books, tools and learning products to build each skill.

Interesting, useful, practical and time saving resources.


The foundations and our world views are shifting yet again, within this evolving digital age; and the pace of change is accelerating. Constant change, is the new normal – to survive, adapt and thrive everyone needs to embrace becoming curious learners for life.

The new rules of the game are constantly evolving – people need to learn about these rules; how to adapt and navigate constant change; and how to play to win on their own terms.

​Governments and educators focus seems to be more on 21C skills for children. Yes, they are very important for children, but right now the ability to learn and unlearn is probably more important for working age adults. They were educated within a different worldview; and are living and working in this rapidly changing world now – with little practical guidance or support. Nobody is coming to save people from the toll of constant changes in their lives and the mental stresses this seems to bring for many. Everyone needs a mindset and skillset shift. People are constantly bombarded with a negative dialogue around change. Where messages on adapting and pivoting to survive,  let alone thrive, are the norm for many. We need a more positive dialogue too.

The opportunities this new era brings are huge – people need to be encouraged to expect more and aim higher. Education needs to focus on the whole person as a student for life – in the context of this new world – review, revive, refresh, restart, renew and reinvent. Plus learn, unlearn and relearn. Over a working lifetime people will need to regularly reinvent themselves and their careers – this means they need an ongoing means to track their talents and build their transferable skillset – as the primary enablers of, what will become, their regular enabling  transformations.

The Hikmaty Creed - simple daily guidance so students for life take ownership of their mindset and future success.

The Hikmaty Creed - simple daily guidance so students for life take ownership of their mindset and future success.

Our Why


Transferable skills are the ones that can travel with you – when you move on or reinvent yourself,  they come along too. They still need updating but they are often the foundations for a brighter future.  We like to think of them as ingredients for a succesful career and meaningful life. The great thing is, as the world shifts and you need to reinvent yourself – these ingredients mixed with your talents and experience (see our TASKED Framework) give you the foundations for a variety of different recipes or career choices. You are the chef. For some – the more ingredients you have, the more creative you can get and the more options are available to you. Or for others, you can stick to mastering  a half a dozen ingredients (transferable skills) to expert levels to elevate you to a key person of interest in your field. Lots of choices and new ways to find opportunities.

We have built a 2020 Skills Grid. It will be reviewed and updated annually. Our Programs and courses are designed to give you an overview of over 280 different topics, with some practical learning projects to embed the skills . Not all of them will be relevant or interesting to you but there will be enough for you to build your T – depth as an expert; and breadth to differentiate and futureproof your career. Learning should be fun – we are aiming to give you options and make it a creative learning journey. Come do a program with us and find your own path. 


The Hikmaty Grid is split into 4 distinct areas – each with 7 core topics. The focus is on consistent small steps that build into something much more significant with 8 projects to embed the learning. We stack them by theme but you can use them creatively to review your life and career choices as well. They are:

Owner is about self confidence and presence. It is a lot about the right mindset and also includes self awareness, your roots, clarity on what you want, a vision, your roles, resilience, life and career management, resumes and portfolios, your personal brand, wellbeing, reflection, journalling, reinvention and keeping in the game plus many more engaging topics.

Discoverer is about learning and creativity. It includes your TASKED framework, learning to learn, growth, the future, big picture thinking, sensemaking, curation, the power of questions, discovery, curiosity, getting people, empathy, design thinking, failing well and a discoverers toolbox plus many more eye opening topics.

Our Why

Player is about playing and staying in the game. It includes those foundation skills that get you noticed – energy, grit, presenting, story telling, outlining, persauding, enabling, leading, engaging, collaborating, connecting, social media, influencing, hustling and how to become a key person in your sector plus many more valuable topics.

Deliverer is about your performance and getting stuff done. It includes the right focus and mindset, embracing technology, the gurus, systems, schedules, habits, the power of 1, agility, organization, consistency, compounding, momentum, projects, maps, finishing what you start, 100 day sprints plus many more productive topics.

Our Why


Owners are people who recognise whether working for themselves or for a Corporate – they need to take charge of their choices and learning. It is easy to wait for your employer to put you on a course, give you the right project and deliver feedback via performance reviews. Life gets comfortable and appears safe. It may not be safe – as someone else is in charge of your destiny. In 2020 many people have just found out what this means.

When working for yourself, or in a small business, structured or formal learning can be difficult. Often limited by lack of time and money – postponed to the future when things are better or easier. A future that does not materialise but it is ok because you are busy.  However, if you are not adding anything to the tank – in the end it will simply run out of gas – that means – stop functioning, not viable, obsolete or decreasing in value.

So OWNERSHIP is a choice, a mindset, a skillset and a new way of taking charge of unlocking your potential and creating a life you want to live. Moving towards something worthwhile. And belonging to a Tribe of like minded people makes it a team event – much more interesting.


You might just be starting out – just leaving formal education, you might be dissatisfied with what you have achieved so far, you might be full on creating your dream career, you might be returning to work after a break,  you might be entering the latter stages of your career and fearful of what is to come or you might have lost your job in these challenging times. Or …..

Hikmaty is simply for OWNERS – people who want to take charge of their careers and lives – to design, build and live in a better future – whatever that means to them. It is a life and career management framework for people who adopt that OWNERS way – to OWN, DISCOVER, PLAY IN THE GAME AND DELIVER.

Hopefully you will choose to join our community. A Tribe with likeminded and also very different people to learn alongside. Diversity helps us learn from others, differences help us see alternatives and question our assumptions. It also means people can help each other by offereing different perspectives and experiences.

Our Why