Exploring your Personal Brand Story



Use this TASKED tool to reflect, learn, write your personal brand story and sell yourself better.

Often we focus on our roles and our education rather than our achievements, impact and who we have become because of our experiences. TASKED is our starting point to redress this – it is a simple career management framework to find your stories.

We cannot assume others will see the connections from where we have been, to where we are now and most importantly, where we want to go. Wew have to tell that story and make those connections explicit.


It seeks to move away from a seeing career as a ‘resume led’ chronological timeline loved by recruiters algorithms – to more of a smorgasbord of contributions, lessons, events, experiences, expertise, skillsets, traits, learning and wisdom. You are so interesting, and you have so much to share with the world!

You will have some strengths, successes and those gaps you are uncomfortable with – that is ok because this is real life. It is about those talents that set you apart, showing you have the right attitude and outlook, the skills and attributes that have served you well, the knowhow and expertise that showcase your views, the experiences that have made you who you are and what value you bring to the table of life – everything that makes you unique and special!


Mastering this simply means getting to grips with what each category covers and then working through it backwards i.e. DEKSAT. Looking at 1) What have you delivered (achievements) and your WorkLife story experiences first – which will help you identify 2) How your skills, attributes, attitude and talents contribute to this and then 3) Your KnowHow and Expertise? Now you will have the outline for your story with some strong themes. ‘Tell me about yourself’ becomes so much easier, more interesting and relevant.


For your future self. A file on your computer and a physical file to collect examples, anecdotes, stories, projects, reviews, recognition, feedback, testimonials, press coverage, ideas, a timeline, a career journal, stats, qualifications, assessment test results and new opportunities.

So when you need them to update your CV or just take stock, they are ready and safely stored away. Otherwise we forget the good stuff and the small details that matter. Also when you are having a hard time, rather than beat yourself up, you can go through this file to acknowledge and celebrate just how good you are and your achievements.


You will end up with many lists, topics and themes about your Work^Life so far – what is the story telling you about

  1. Who you are and who you need to be going forward?
  2. Your Life
  3. Your Career
  4. What you want to do next?
  5. Your Legacy?
  6. What has worked well for you?
  7. What needs more work?
  8. What could you do to differentiate yourself more?
  9. What surprised you and how can you use this learning?
  10. And finally what is the best way capture and to tell this story as it represents your personal brand?

It is simply a tool for a different perspective but sometimes that is all we need to give us a fresh start.

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