Absolutely owning everything in your life!

Hikmaty OWNER Grid

Hikmaty OWNER Grid

Are you driving your bus or are you a passenger in your life story?


One the best decisions I made early in my career was to always seek to be an Owner i.e. committed and fully responsible for driving my own bus! Whilst often a bit of a bumpy ride, it is my ride.

It is mindset I have to work at every day, not a constant state. It is worth it because it  means I do not need to waste valuable time living a victim’s story because I believe someone else is in charge or responsible. They are my successes and my failings to learn from – not always in my control but the response and meaning  I give is my choice – Owner and Creator or Victim!

It can be hard to shift out of victim mode because the media spreads this narrative all the time. The Owner role is vital for our future selves and is deliberately the first role in our Hikmaty Future Skills Stack.

This is about taking full ownership of your life and career journey by embracing what is in your control and making the best of all the opportunities life presents. It is about being the architect of the life you want to live. You need to focus in on the destination but you also need the self awareness to understand where you are departing from. This is where you question yourself and determine what you stand for and what you want.

Who am I?, What is important to me?,

Who do I want to be?, Why?

Where am I now? Where do I want to be? Why?

What can I learn from from the journey so far? Who can help me?

How do I get there? Who do I need to be? What if?

It is about using your talents, your character, your mindset and your skillset to deliver your dreams. We tend to spend more time planning our holidays than our lives. Your future selves will thank you if you give it a ‘must’ rather than ‘nice’ to do. It includes:

1)     Life Success Owner: you think through and get clear on what a meaningful life looks like and why that life matters to you. Then commit to be the architect and builder of that life through the choices you make, the actions you take and habits you build.

2)     Know & Lead You: you get the importance of feedback for self-awareness and EQ to better understand your motivations and blind spots. You seek to master how you lead yourself, manage the choices you make and your impact on others.

3)     Vision, Direction & Priorities: You get what is important to you and what you stand for. You set a destination as a guiding star and constantly focus on what matters most now, to take you towards that vision.

4)     Personal Brand: you get it is about crafting a reputation worth having not selfies. You set about living and telling the story you are proud of. You manage your career, the messages you deliver, the impressions you make and the relationships you build. Remember you do not define your personal brand – others do through the work you do, your contribution and your actions.

5)     Change Agency: you get the importance of navigating good and challenging changes well, especially by adopting the right mindset. You build resilience, embrace obstacles, constantly adapt and ensure you are ready for whatever it takes to keep you in the game.

6)     Refresh & Reinvent: You get what got you here won’t get you to the next stage. So you are constantly skill stacking and growing to give yourself more options. You regularly choose a refresh makeover and prepare for reinvention several times during your career, as a natural part of the journey.

7)     Career Fundamentals: You get that you attract the right things into your life by consistently doing the right stuff, having confidence in yourself, being clear and focusing on what you want.  You deliver work you are proud to put your signature to knowing it is all part of a bigger game plan. You begin with the end in mind, stick with it and adapt as you go. You are committed to designing and building the ‘BEST VERSION OF YOU’ life and the journey it gives you. You are proud to be you, enjoy the journey and your energy shows it! 

I am and always will be a work in progress on this but I love driving the bus!