Design and build a better year

Design and build a better year

Taking stock of you life

What if you up your game by designing and building a better year – the architect of your ideal life – a masterpiece?

For this one precious life you lead.

Here I share one of my LifeWork coach tools to assist you with the review, dreams and plans that will help you on your way.


Reviews are about taking responsibility, telling the story and finding the lessons. Look at where you have been, and how it has got you to where you are now. The things that worked well, the patterns and challenges that stopped you – turn them into ideas, life principles, new habits and lessons to learn.


Visions are about being the architect of a future life you want to live and plans are about being the builder.

And both help you live into your potential.

I see visions, dreams and destinations that emerge as guiding stars not distant shores. They should inspire, stretch and motivate you – make you step up but not lead you to chase the impossible. Set yourself up to win.


Get clear and motivated by the WHY for your Vision: why this and why is it important now? You don’t need to know your purpose but you do need to be intentional with a clear focus. The more you can see it, see yourself being there and know why – the clearer things will become.

MBS is Michael Bungay Stanier – he describes a great goal in ‘How To Begin’ as Worthy (Important to you), Thrilling (Exciting for you) and Daunting (Not Scary but definitely a stretch) – much more inspiring than SMART when we are looking at future visions and planning!


To create this Vision – who do you need to be and who do you want to be? These are gamechangers. You will have to become the sort of person who delivers on such dreams – change is inevitable as part of living into your potential. This personal journey is the vital part of the plan.


Many people focus on goals and then look to who can support them. I say who is on my team and what do they bring to inform the goal setting not support it. This is MY Team in Life not just a work team – get more creative in defining your tribe and what they can bring.


Goals are the building blocks that deliver your new reality. The SMART questions. The things that set you up to win, be accountable and deliver. Craft them well.


Think through what or who might cause you to fail and plan for it. You will get some surprises yet if you are prepared with the right resources and tools – you adapt quickly – you stay in the game.


Your superhero pack – the talents, habits, inner tribe and tactics that will work for you – give you the boost you need – when you need it. Think it through and plan for where you are going to need them – nurture and nourish them.

With a fresh lens on life – hopefully this compass will help generate some new insights and ideas for you – to begin that new life masterpiece