Finding the best version of you!

Finding the best version of you!

Use Optimize Coach to make 2022 the year you deliver the best version of you!

Class V111 is just starting and will be the largest so far – ready for a Heroic year at Optimize. Over 3,500 people from 95 countries around the world have paid $1,000+ to go through Optimize Coach Mastery – that included me in 2021! . It’s starting now and is only $300. AND, if you join now for Class V111 by January 15th 2022, you get to bring a friend for FREE. That is only $150 each for a 300 day training program – that is 50 cents a day for a self-mastery program that’s scientifically-proven (literally. They partnered with a world-leading wellness lab to collect empirical data) to help you express the best version of yourself.

My Optimize Coach Mastery Journey in 2021

I have been a member of Brian’s tribe since he first launched Philosophers Notes moving onto Entheos and then Optimize Premium and the Mastery Program. I have joined the Heroic tribe too – these are high quality personal growth tools.

it was one of the best investments I’ve made in myself. It has given me a framework to live my ‘best version’ life – one that I designed and built with the knowledge gained on the program and integrated into the way I do things. Of course I am still a work in progress but I celebrate that I will be saying that for the rest of my life!

Unlike many other programs it is not a quick fix, the 300 day journey means you do go deep from theory to practice to mastery and integrate protocols in all areas of your life.

What impact has the course had for me?

My life now has way more structure and discipline to get important things done – I am more focused, have more energy and much more consistency in what I do. It gave me so many tools to enhance my life that I integrated into the way I do things . I also sleep better, eat better and for the first time have managed to maintain a daily meditation practice. Most importantly I have created new habits that have stuck and kicked out a few bad ones too.

And then there is my Buddy – it has been an inspiring journey made so much better by learning together. We have become great friends as well as accountability partners. We have agreed that our weekly commitment to each other is something that will continue after the program concludes going into 2022 – the weekly accountability and connection really makes a difference.

What is the difference between the FREE Premium site and the program?

Optimize Premium gives you a brilliant wisdom self-development resource to build your knowledge and learn from. Optimize Coach Mastery gives you a disciplined learning environment to apply the knowledge and  learning from that wisdom library plus many other resources. Most importantly it helps you integrate it into the way you do things – so you change, and because it is habit driven – it sticks!

And you get so much more …

In addition to the 300-day scientifically proven curriculum, you’ll also get access to regular Live Coaching sessions with Brian (plus their Head Coach Michael and Co-founder Alexandra) multiple times each month, as well as special Luminary Guest Faculty sessions, where world-leading experts (including Cal Newport, Steven Pressfield, Todd Henry, Hal Elrod, Katy Bowman, Michael Bungay Stanier and Gabrielle Oettinger) lead short training sessions then do Live Coaching with the program participants.

Personal mastery with the option of Optimize Coach Certification too

.I paid $1,000 and believe it was worth that price tag or more as an investment in me and my coaching business. I also ended up with a kit bag of practical and useful coaching tools to use for myself and with clients. This course is about coaching yourself to become the best version of you. Plus if you want to, you can use what you learn to get Optimize Coach Certification to build up your own Coaching Business. You get certified by completing the course and a few additional commitments that are outlined at the beginning of the program.

To find out more about Optimize Mastery Coach and decide whether it is for you – take a look here:

This link takes you to the site for more details on the team, the content and the format plus testimonials from others. Take a look.

Optimize (literally) guarantees this will be the best investment you’ve ever made, or they’ll give you your money back no questions asked, no strings attached.

Also – if you have not already signed up to Optimize Premium  that contains many of the resources used on the program – I recommend that you get your free wisdom membership with access to this amazing learning library  – That’s 600+ Books reviewed in Philosophers Notes, 50+ Masterclasses, and 1000+ Video micro-lessons. Sign up here for Optimize Premium –

It is now FREE! No ads and no strings attached – just great useful brain food.

Optimize is definitely a tribe worth belonging to and they have some amazing things planned for 2022.