Have you found the leadership style that works for you?

Have you found the leadership style that works for you?

Leadership is constantly evolving into many new roles with a distinct shift from being served to being the catalyst to enable others and serve them… it has never been easy or one role! It is complex mix of many different, often conflicting roles bundled into one that make it so challenging and yet so enticing, as an exciting personal growth opportunity. So with this in mind what are some of these roles that will help you get great …

1) SENSEMAKER: Providing the strategic context and story of the big picture, showing how things fit together and encouraging the right connections between individuals and teams to bring it alive.

2) JUGGLER: Mastering the challenges of the many facets of the roles you play including working within the team leading the business (Working on the Business), representing your own team at that table and working in your own team being attentive to everyone’s day to day needs (Working in the Business) .

3) CHANGE AGENT: Helping people to adapt to and embrace change – to navigate and work across a diverse, constantly transforming landscape with lots of seemingly conflicting initiatives where sometimes their hard work is rewarded and other times it is not.

4) PURPOSEFUL GUIDE: Giving clear direction, identifying what is important – ensuring there is a focus on outcomes and adding value, to give everyone’s work more meaning.

5) CULTURE CREATOR: Taking pride in and working at constantly building a collaborative, inclusive hybrid team environment that people want to be part of not an empire or silo.

6) ENABLER: Empowering and enabling each individual within the team, by providing project and development opportunities where they can learn, grow and advance in a safe and yet stretching environment.

7) ENGAGER: Always taking the time out to listen before providing regular, engaging, clear and effective communication that galvanises the team into focused action and builds a sense of belonging to something worthwhile.

8) DISCOVERER: Encouraging curiosity, exploration, ideas development and adventures for opportunity spotters everywhere and celebrating all contributions appropriately.

9) HUMAN: Enough emotional competence to be open minded, embrace diversity, be inclusive and show humility and vulnerability when needed.

10) OWNER: Confident, self-aware and comfortable enough to regularly seek feedback on the impact of your behaviour on others, how closely your actions match your intentions and how you can be a better leader. With the courage to ask for help when you need it

Take time to discover and get comfortable with your own leadership style. Whilst it is a role it is also a way of being and working with other people.