Take the opportunity to finish strong in 2020

Take the opportunity to finish strong in 2020

Will you wait and see or simply just go for it!

You have a choice to make. It has been a challenging year for most people – all around the world – a crazy year of shocks! With loss of life, businesses closing,  job insecurities and layoffs, and the financial struggles this has delivered. Then we have lockdowns and social distancing that have created ‘life energy vacuums’ – people are running on empty –  life has lost some of its zing! There is still so much uncertainty. Many people are stressed, scared and struggling. Based upon the newsfeed from mainstream media it is easy to get lost in a state of hopelessness and helplessness. It has become so easy to disconnect, hibernate, shut down and wait for this all to go away. Everyone is talking about a ‘new normal’ but the reality is nobody knows what that will be like until we emerge into in 2021. We can all play the guessing game and wait. What is the story you are telling yourself?

Is ‘wait and see’ the best strategy or is there a more practical, hopeful and helpful way for you to end the year? This means acknowledging what is happening around you but seeking to take some positive steps in your own life to move forward. What do you need to do for you? What is the ‘new normal’ you want? How could this become a transformational moment for you?

2020 is not over – it still provides the opportunity for you to Finish Strong – there are 100 days left. What could you do to end this year in the right frame of mind and set yourself up to take advantage of that ‘new normal’ in 2021? What is still left undone that you could finish?


Here is an introduction to a simple, effective and no nonsense resource to help you achieve great things in a short space of time.

Today is 23rd September 2020 and it is 100 days until the end of this year. Gary Ryan Blair has an online program called the 100 Day Challenge. He is known as the goals guy for high performing people. The Program has been used by 600,000 people, many corporates and smaller businesses.  He suggests the three things you need to achieve great things are: an inspiring goal, relentless execution and an impossible deadline. It is a simple thought provoking goal setting and motivation program. The 100 Day Challenge includes a goal setting toolkit and 100 videos to encourage you to think and execute differently. It shows you how to perform at the peak of your potential and drive greater results quickly. It aims to get you to think bigger, learn new strategies and apply them in a systematic way so you achieve more in 100 days than you usually do in a year. It opened for registration yesterday until 2nd October and will then open again in December for a January 2021 launch.

I have been using our ‘Yes I Can’ 100 day Journal three times a year supported by Gary Ryan Blairs 100 Day Challenge videos, as daily motivators for 7 years. I have enrolled on their Alumni program. This simple 100 day structure helps me stay motivated, build momentum and get more stuff done. Take a look below – it is currently at the price of S77* – a worthwhile investment to focus on what you can do and build some momentum in a challenging year.

Finish Strong Video - 100 Day Challenge


This 100 days is just a moment in time. A useful one, the same as 1st January, as it provides a reason for you to get going again. However, whether it is 100 days, 76 days or 24 days you can turn off pause and press the refresh button, whenever you want. Wherever you are in the year, it is time to step up and take on the challenge to Finish Strong by:

  1. Setting at least 3 stretch goals. Stretch means just out of reach – that will push you to be a better version of you. Choose a new or uncompleted project for 2020. Every goal becomes a project.
  2. Then ask: What is the goal?, Why is it important now?, What do you need to do to set yourself up to win?, What is the result you want? i.e. how will you know you have achieved it?, Who can help you? and most importantly, Who do you need to be to achieve it?
  3. Create your battle board for each goal/ project on how you are going to achieve them. A maximum of 12 tasks for each. Identify the time required for each task and if useful, split it into distinct steps. (A Trello Board can be help with this)
  4. Put all of these goal tasks into your schedule – you will have up to 36 specific actions.
  5. Then take consistent small steps every day to move you towards your goals and build momentum. Your efforts will compound – the more you do – the more you will achieve.
  6. Measure how you are doing. How are you going to keep yourself accountable?Track how you are doing daily, weekly and monthly. Celebrate successes and reflect to take the lessons on board if you get lost, and then just get back on track. You can also ask for help, find a buddy or go public on your commitments to ensure you stick with it.

Your choice – you have the opportunity to amaze yourself in just how much you can achieve in a short piece of time or just wait and see what happens next.


* 100 Day Challenge is an Affiliate Program where we get a small payment on each program purchased. It is here because we know it, 600,000 people including us use it and it works. At Hikmaty we only use affiliate links if they are available on the programs we are talking about- these links are normal business practice. If you do not like the concept, please feel free to search for it via Google. If you do use the link and purchase – thank you for your support.


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