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Inquisitive Minds is explorer brainfood for curious lifelong learners. It is about creating a better Work^Life, upskilling to stack future skills and inspired living!

It focuses on Work^Life because they are joined up now; 21st century future skills that increase your options because we are all seeking more meaningful career opportunities; and inspired living because life should be awesome! And all work with no play is a bit boring!


Inquisitive Minds Explorer is the Hikmaty Newsletter and is focused on personal growth and 21st century career success.

The new global imperative for everyone who wants a meaningful life and more choice is to be flexible, regularly reinvent themselves and constantly adapt for new types of careers and life opportunities. Adult education is not set up to do this holistically for your Work^Life. The two are more interdependent than ever before.  We want you to be able to live by your values with the right outlook to get ahead and design and build the life you want to live.


We are all works in progress. Permanent beta mode equals a lifelong commitment to continuous personal growth.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a recent graduate, a seasoned professional, or a reinventing yourself mid-career. Great people, like great companies, are always evolving. They’re never finished and never fully developed.

Each day presents an opportunity to be curious, learn more, do more, grow more. It is the mindset of every entrepreneur of life. Focus on unlocking your potential so that you become the best version of you possible with all the life experiences that a successful Work^Life involves.


Hikmaty is a personal growth community focused on helping you develop your skills, attributes and overall capabilities. If you want to take ownership of your future success,  explore your talents and master the crucial in demand power soft skills and mindset that matter most now … to unlock your potential, grow, grab opportunities, get noticed more and thrive – this is what we are about.

We start with a  framework, a system and a grid of transferable skills – and go from there – as seen below. So our Work^Life content focuses on these topics and what it means to be an owner, discoverer, player and deliverer:

My starting point is to publish my curated smorgasbord of useful ideas, guidance and recommendations that will drop into your inbox every Sunday morning (UK time). The first edition came out on May 1st – so subscribe now!

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I am Jilli the Founder of Hikmaty and like everything else we do – this is a live lab experiment. I know people like to engage with information and ideas in different ways so let’s see what works best for you here. I am big into community so feel free to let me know how I am doing and any suggestions you might have.

My aim is to help you find more meaning, stay relevant and thrive. By help I mean enable, support, curate, synthesise, recommend, coach, educate, motivate, engage, challenge, nurture and connect. My philosophy is ‘guide on the side’ not ‘sage on the stage’. Personal and professional growth together because Work^Life is a joined up experience.

Have a curious day and explore more.


Inquisitive Minds Explorer, Coach, Guide and Curator