The New Inquisitive Minds EXPLORER

The New Inquisitive Minds EXPLORER

The Explorer is the new Hikmaty Newsletter on Substack.

It focuses on Work^Life because they are joined up now, 21st century future skills that increase your options and inspired living because life should be inspiring! And all work with no play is a bit boring!

It is for career professionals who want to take ownership of their future success,  explore their talents and master the crucial in demand soft skills and mindset that matter most now … to unlock their potential, grow, grab opportunities, get noticed more and thrive.

Stay up-to-date. You won’t have to worry about missing anything.

OUR MONTHLY EXPLORER EDITION: goes directly to your inbox on 1st of each month. We take a Topic or theme from our 21st Century Future Skills Grid, Frameworks, Work^Life Toolbox and what is trending to provide a smorgasbord of ideas, guidance and recommendations to help you.

OUR WEEKLY EXPLORER BRAIN FOOD: Then every Sunday morning we send out our shorter weekly guides. These take a deeper dive into specific topics with lots of signposts to useful resources. May 22 Schedule. This is a Live Lab experiment and the structure will evolve. We will start with an overview on the first of the month and then each weekly edition will be shorter, more focused on specific skill sets, give lots of signposts and the opportunity to ask questions.

The monthly schedule:

May 8th Exploration – Everything SELF and Brand Building

May 15th Exploration – Work^Life Architect and Design Builder

May 22nd Exploration – Responsibility and Ownership plus The Explorer + Hub details

May 29th Exploration – Navigating Change and our Monthly wrap up plus a look forward to that Discoverer role.

The next Explorer in June will focus on what it means to be a DISCOVERER to learn, create and be more curious.

These are all coming to you FREE with a subscription.