The Importance of Boldly Coexisting

That it is vital for individuals to grasp

The New Hikmaty 21C Skills Grid Bold Coexistence

That it is vital for individuals to grasp

There is a  new kid on the ‘Hikmaty Future Skills Grid’ block and it is:

Bold Coexistence.

” It’s coexistence or no existence!” Bertrand Russell

This is our capacity and capability to be open, respect, accept, embrace, share, connect, build and be courageously bold in how we seek to live and make a difference – with vision, good judgement and patience to be more locally and globally minded.

“For eons, humans have struggled to discover less destructive ways of living together” Margaret Wheatley

History does not tell us a happy tale on our ability to do this. Our current volatile world in a constant flux provides ominous warnings – with the war in Ukraine and elsewhere, economic instability, mass migration and climate change.

Yesterday I was listening to a Podcast by Tom Bilyieu interviewing Ray Dalio. They were discussing his new book ‘Principles for dealing with the Changing World Order’ and the supporting video about how we deal with this – as one of the major challenges we are facing globally right now.

A theme throughout the talk was on this concept of how we coexist at a macro level with suggestions on what we could do as individuals. The video is below and provides a great introduction to the topic – it is certainly something everyone should seek to grasp. Not an easy message to listen to but very important.


It literally could be a matter of life and death on all sorts of levels. So this new skillset and mindset is a MUST!

We can work on:

1) how we welcome people into our communities.

2) how we build connections within the five generations currently living and working together.

3) how we enable religion and politics to bring people together not tear them apart.

4) how we create communities around shared purpose and shared spaces including within new ways of hybrid working.

5) how we use social media for positive connection, inclusion and debate to foster better ways to live together.

” Perhaps the greatest danger is posed not by the nuclear bomb, environmental catastrophe. the superbug, the robot age or the crazed terrorist, frightening as they are. The greatest danger may in fact be the loss of our desire to live together”Tom Fletcher

Courageous because we need to stand up and step into the arena as individuals and not be spectators on the sidelines – OWNERS with tolerance and humility!

“Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen” Winston Churchill

We need to join together collectively to have an impact and build new kinds of communities. It is everyone’s responsibility to get involved and challenge ourselves to find:

  1. the things we can choose to live with.
  2. those things we can influence.
  3. those things we can do something about.

It requires us to take responsibility and own it, be a discoverer and increase our understanding of the issues, be a player in the arena not a spectator and be a deliverer on our commitments as global and local citizens.

And lastly BOLD because it is about standing out and fitting in!