A little imagination goes a long way!

A little imagination goes a long way!

Get curious about what you feed yourself

Your imagination is a gift. The ability to create new ideas is a differentiator that gets you noticed more.

If you want more quality ideas you need to look at what and how you feed your brain. Staying curious and changing your perspective to see things differently is a great starting point.

THE BRAIN DIET – On the basis that you become what you think about all day – you need to be more self aware about what you feed your brain and make changes if necessary.

The ingredients include:

1) The right brain food – what media you consume from TV/ Films to social media to books/ articles. For an immediate mood boost limit how much news you watch and social media you consume daily.

2) The right health and wellness regime – with 7 to 9 hours sleep, good nutrition and mood enhancing exercise to give your energy a boost. Your energy impacts your outlook.

3) Connect with the right people – it is said that your attitude is a reflection of the 5 people you spend the most time with – both at home and at work. Build the best Tribe around you by being the right person – contribute, volunteer, connect and give.

4) Create the right environment – at home and at work ensuring that you enjoy being in it, it nurtures you and feeds your brain plus it is energising, positive and life enhancing.

5) Cultivate the right thoughts – through quality brain food like books, podcasts and learning opportunities, open minded quality conversations, self reflection and meditation

6) And if you do find yourself in a bad mood or negative state – simply change it by changing the recipe – what you are focusing on, the words you are using or simply move your body.

FIND A NEW WAY TO BE – Liberate yourself from learned stereotypes, negative thinking and let go of past discouragements. Use your imagination more. Take more bold steps to be more open minded, receptive to opportunities and more accepting of others and their differences. When you meet adversity and challenges – accept it is what it is and persevere with GRIT and hope.

RADIATE POSITIVE VIBES – Your attitude is also contagious – is yours worth catching? It’s about giving out energy – positive not negative. If you are energetic, hopeful, enthusiastic, self aware, interested, committed, excited, driven and always look for the best in others – you will be a very valuable member of a team and in demand.

Monitor the feeds to reap the creative rewards.

And remember you are in charge of your attitude – so put your energies into creating a positive feed!