Building resilience in turbulent times

Hikmaty Wellbeing and Resilience roots

Hikmaty Wellbeing and Resilience roots

The importance of roots

When we inhabit a world in turmoil we need ways to stay grounded. I have always had a strong affinity with the beauty and life force spirit of trees. Their root systems give them the strength to withstand storms, connect them with other trees in the forest, feed them and help them regenerate.

I use the same metaphor to build my own resilience. The stronger our roots the easier it is to withstand challenges and bounce back from life setbacks.

In tough times -when we are under extreme pressure or stressed we can neglect these, let them get too depleted, give away too much or fail to invest in us at all.

Investing in our roots gives us power when we need it. It is up to us all to determine and nurture the roots we need so that when we face challenges we have the right support in place.

These are my roots to guide my self reflection. This is about building self awareness, strength and reserves so I am not being taken out of the game; or when I am – I have the reserves to help me get back up again quickly:

1) Self Mastery and Satisfaction – a commitment to lifelong learning to consistently deliver daily on the optimized best me. This represents thriving or Maslow’s self actualisation or finding my happy place.

2) Self Belief & Acceptance – self love, self respect and confidence in who I am and being OK with where I am right now – it is what it is. Building my agency = Hope + belief in myself that I can achieve what I want + the capacity to find multiple ways to achieve it.

3) Self Expression and Mindfulness – being me, being bold, having courage to step in the arena and show the world who I am (This is Me!). Focusing on being aware, in the here and now and enjoy the journey.

4) Contribution and Personal Growth – giving meaning to my life by growing, adding value, having an impact, kindness and giving the best of me to others.

5) Emotionally Self Awareness and Management – looking inwards with journaling and meditation, getting regular feedback from others and working on how to better manage my emotional triggers to stay in and play the game better.

6) Supportive Relationships and Belonging – community building with my people (family, friends, colleagues, connections) and my tribes (where I belong and feel at home). Being there with kindness and support for others too.

7) Self Care and Physical/ Mental Health – listening to myself, giving myself time and looking after my health, head and overall wellbeing.

8) Wealth and Gratitude – a daily practice of gratitude for all that I already have. Wealth in time, finances and this life I am blessed to live.

9) Safety and Security – taking care of my personal security, contribution as a citizen, employment, family safety, resources and home life.

These guide me – I talk about mine as a guide to help you reflect and  inform your own choices. As with most things in my life – I am simply a work in progress!

What are your RESILIENCE roots?

What matters most now for you?

Take care of yourself. Build, feed, strengthen and grow.